Walk Around the Clock: A Berlin Walking Tour

One of my dad’s life mantras, absorbed into my own, is “if it’s free, it’s for me!” I know that free doesn’t always mean the best quality, like a free swipe into the dining hall of any given college, but it can be awesome, too. So when I was planning for Berlin, I began researching for free walking tours. I had done one while on a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland, and as that one had proven spectacular, it seemed fitting to try again.

County Antrim, Northern Ireland: A Coastal Affair

It’s hard to believe that my family and I came back from Europe three weeks ago. Kaylee came home from Dublin nine days ago. As sad as I know she was to be leaving home there, I’m very, very happy she’s back. My parents are the root of my travel bug, raising Brady, Kaylee, and I to seek out the cadences of culture and nature from a young age. I never forget how privileged I am be part of a family who has always prioritized travel. And I’m grateful not only for the places we have been able to go
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