Lindsay (hi there!) is a Brooklyn-based writer, editor, and content creator. She considers her soul half mountain, half skyscraper, and follows the scent of fresh pastries to arrive at her next destination. One time, she skimped on an airport shuttle and walked an hour plus to the terminal so she could eat a crepe. 

Though still mourning the loss of her stolen bike (welcome to New York, right?), Lindsay is obsessed with her two-wheeled adventures, both long and short rides. She loves to write all things theatre, food, travel, and creative (fiction and nonfiction). Since she lives just a subway ride away from Broadway, she buys as many tickets as her budget allows. Otherwise, she eats a lot of cheese and chocolate, has a book on hand all the time, tries to maintain more than a five day streak on Duolingo while relearning French, and wants to be a ballerina when she grows up.

Lindsay bounces between the editorial, PR, and marketing spheres, and dips her toes into social media copywriting/community management. Her work has appeared in Entropy, offMetro, Practical Wanderlust, and Ireland Before You Die.